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Sims 3: How to place film studos to start film career in Sunset Valley or Twinbrook

(This will be very dull for regular readers but it's something I spent ages trying to work out, from lots of different pages, so I wanted to put it in one place)

Problem: You want your sim to start the film career (and then take the actor or director branch) but there is no film studio in Sunset Valley or Twinbrook.

Solution: Place a film studio in the town.

I had no experience of editing the town, so I'll give simple instructions the way I needed them!

  • Select Edit Town in the menu

  • Click on World Editor (icon looks like a pen on paper) and select the largest lot, 64 x 64

  • Place that 64 x 64 lot. In Twinbrook there are a few places (it goes green where it can be placed) but in Sunset Valley you might have to bulldoze some lots first to make room

  • Now, click on the select tool (looks like an arrow). Then click on the new lots icon as if you want to see what it contains.

  • When the lot info comes up, click on the icon which is half house, half bench

  • Check the community lot box, and then from the pull down menu, select "Visitors Allowed". Click on the tick.

  • Now, select the tab with community lots by clicking on the bench icon.

  • The first community lot available should be Plumbob Film Studions - click on that, and select place copy.

  • Go to your new lot and click to place the film studios

  • Wait for the game to load... and then your studios are in place

  • Save your city

Now when you go back to the game, your sim can click on the film studios to start the film career. Sorted!

(Apologies to regular readers who are not in the slightest bit interested in Sims 3!)
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