Flash Bristow (techiebabe) wrote,
Flash Bristow

I've been living so long with my pictures of you, that I almost feel the pictures are all I can feel

Tomorrow (Sunday 9 Sept) I am thinking of having a meet outside my new art exhibition (in Church Lane, below the library) then after a quick look, beer in the Red Lion. Meet in Church Lane outside my exhibition at 330pm.

If you are interested and intending to attend please let me know! Twitter is best (@techiebabe )

I would love to see people! I will not be awake til 1pm for the grand prix, so wont acknowledge you sooner but if ppl are coming, so will I!

Hoping ppl get in touch at 1.30etc or thereafter so I know to come along and meet ppl at 3.30!

T'would be great to meet ppl and have an excuse for beer!

Do let me know by twitter @techiebabe or phone so I know to come. Calls ok but texts are more welcome!

Note, if nobody indicates they will come by email or twitter, I wont be there... but Im still not far away if you want to call me at any point :-)

CANCELLED as I'm not feeling well today :-(
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