Flash Bristow (techiebabe) wrote,
Flash Bristow

There is a green hill far away...

I'm doing something rather out of character... asking for sponsorship... to help a church make music!

St Andrew's Leytonstone, a local art & crafts church, have an elderly organ - a Lewis organ, for the musos among you - which requires £25k of repairs to the bellows, or there may be no organ music by Christmas.

Their organist is a friend of mine, and she has organised a Hymnathon, in which every hymn from the New English Hymnal will be sung, from 12pm on Fri 12 Oct to 7pm the following day. More info: http://www.standrewsleytonstone.org/events/hymnathon/

I plan to show my support by singing for 3 hours on Friday afternoon / evening, and Id be very grateful if you would sponsor me to do so.

Here is my Just Giving page. If you are kind enough to support me, and you have a favourite hymn, do tell me which. The one which raises most money will be sung as the finale on Saturday.

If you have any questions just ask, or catch me on twitter @techiebabe where you may also interrogate @hymnathon.

Thanks in advance for any support. I am also to be found clutching paper forms, if we meet in person before the event!
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