Flash Bristow (techiebabe) wrote,
Flash Bristow

Come up and see me, make me smiiiiiile....

Hello, LJ readers! I havent forgotten you, but I do seem to spend all my time on twitter instead of here or facebook etc. Twitter fits better with lying in bed feeling ill or brainless, I can manage short bursts of thoughts rather than long posts. Although Ive had some good debates there too. And it is good for moral support, as lots of my spoony friends are laid up when I am, or similarly failing to sleep, etc. so we keep each other company. Come and find me there? When I do have something longer to say, it goes on flashsays.com - ah, but I digress.

I actually came here to share some Sunday smiles.

This morning I saw this pic on twitter and it amused me:
(a certain programme was filming earlier this morning)

A day or two ago I saw this video on twitter, which also made me smile:
(french cats playing pattycake)

Anyway, Im still here. Still reading my friends' journals. And still missing my doggy a lot.
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