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April Red Lion beer meet and a poll

Hello! I am trying to organise a meet up at the Red Lion (E11) but I am not doing very well at it. So this is me trying to sort something out!

The idea is to show off the Lion to people who are not local and don't know why I love the pub on my doorstep. But of course local people are welcome as well!

I love the Red Lion, it is a rather popular community pub which caters for people who like real ale, good food, and friendly service.

So... when? Some people suggested Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately that's the worst time. They only serve roasts on Sundays - and those roasts are "ok" but nothing more. The place is heaving (mostly with families) so you have to book a table and it's all a bit of a squeeze. And from 5pm there is live music which can be too loud. So I think Sundays are the WORST day. By contrast I have visited on many days other than Sunday and really enjoyed the beer and food.

I think the best time is a Saturday afternoon. I would suggest a late lunch (meeting at 1/1.30 onward) and spending the afternoon there. I would book the "snug" area which caters for 10-16 people and does not have a speaker in it so we will be able to hear each other even if they do play music. Seats are a mixture of chairs and padded bench.

The bar menu: http://gorge.org/images/misc/2013/bar%20menu.jpg
The restaurant menu: http://gorge.org/images/misc/2013/restaurant%20menu.jpg

They have 10 handpull pumps (usually all 10 are on, but in the last week only 6 have been on) and 5 keg taps, as well as a good range of bottles, and spirits (they have Hendricks gin which indicates to me that they have spirits of a decent standard). They have won CAMRA awards for best East London pub, are in Good Beer Guide etc.

The pub is step free (tho the doorbell doesn't always work so you might need to phone them to get in, grrr!) and there is an accessible toilet.

If you are furry you will get a bowl of water and a barrel of biscuits, and if you are small you will get a high chair (although people do expect small people to be taken out if they cry/scream).

Please leave a comment if you would like to come on a Saturday afternoon, how many of you, and I will announce asap when the meet is taking place!

Which Saturdays in April could you attend at the Red Lion?

13 April
20 April
27 April
4 May

(Kake, please announce this to your friends. In fact, if anyone reading would like to announce this to their friends, that would be welcome (within reason) if you know our friends overlap, if youre not sure just contact me here or via flash@gorge.org to make sure we can fit everyone in.)
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