Flash Bristow (techiebabe) wrote,
Flash Bristow

Labradoodle-oodle-oodle, you start off with a lab and then you add a poodle...*

For those who haven't heard the news via Twitter or Facebook, Mike and I are on the waiting list for a puppy!

We met the parents a couple of weeks ago - dad is a gorgeous Goldendoodle, and mum is a Labradoodle. So basically our puppy will probably be big, white and shaggy. :-) There are some pictures of us with the parents here. The breeder is wonderful, everything I could have wanted - I'm very lucky to have found her.

The litter is due in 4 weeks, which means we should be taking our pup home in about 12 weeks time.

We have decided on a name to follow on from Cray, and that's Commodore!

Before Commodore comes home, I'm working on three challenges:
  • Getting the house and garden cleared up - our cleaner left in November. I'm going to hire someone else, but until I find someone permanent, if anyone fancies some extra cash and is free during the week, and happy to do some cleaning or help me with some sorting, please send me a mail!

  • Getting my sleeping pattern sorted. I know I need about 12 hours sleep every night. Mike can feed and walk the dog before work, but I still need to shift my sleeping pattern because I currently wake at around midday. So I'm moving my alarm back by 10 minutes every week. I can always nap later on (when puppy naps!) If you see me on twitter overnight please tell me to get offline, even if I'm only tweeting because I can't sleep. I've asked Mike to kick my phone and tablet off the home network after 1am, too - that helps reinforce my wishes, when my self discipline is on the ropes!

  • Drinking less - I had a theory that I tend to feel more nauseous on days when I drank more alcohol the night before. Experiments have proved inconclusive, but I'm trying to cut down to a certain limit, when I'm at home for the evening anyway. It will do me good in the long run, but in the short term I expect to struggle a bit more with pain. Never mind, a puppy will distract me!

I've also been more active for the last month or so, proving to myself that even when I feel ill I can still manage to get up and go out (as if with a dog, and sometimes with my friend and his dog). I need to rest afterwards - always have, always will - but as long as Mike and I can take care of the dog's walks, I can keep him stimulated during the day with other things such as training sessions, and play sessions as well as using a feeder ball or playing "hunt the treat".

I still miss Cray very much (and we still haven't scattered his ashes...) but our family needs to be three again, and I'm looking forward to it. It's awesome to think that our new family member is slowly growing... very exciting. To think that little Commodore will hopefully still be with me when I'm 50 - well, that's wonderful. I love Mike to bits, but I feel that our household is only complete with a dog in it. Luckily Mike adored the parents and I know he's looking forward to our new family member too.

* In keeping with my usual habit of using song lyrics in the subject line, I discovered this song on YouTube. I can't decide if it's awful, or just plain abysmal, but I guess children might like it...
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