Flash Bristow (techiebabe) wrote,
Flash Bristow

And they called it "puppy love"...

Just heard the awesome news that my puppy, and its siblings, were born safe last night.

I've had a pretty rough time with my health lately - in the last week or so I've had every symptom I ever get, from pain to allergic reactions, from vomiting to dizziness, you name it! I'm being triggered by the demolition work opposite my house, so I know why it's happening and that it won't last much longer, but I was starting to feel awful and wonder if I'd made a mistake committing to a puppy - so much to do, and although I've proved that I CAN just carry on when I feel rotten, I was starting to get down and doubt myself, doubt everything.

Then I heard the news today. Since then I've been feeling like I'm going to burst! Can't stop grinning... singing... just ridiculously happy. It is simply amazing to know that our new family member is out there, and I just know everything will be ok and it was the right decision. Couldn't feel more right. Mike and I will soon be a threesome again.

Now I can let myself believe it will actually happen... and I had better get the house in order!
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