Flash Bristow (techiebabe) wrote,
Flash Bristow

Free- PDQ powertrike (for parts or needs repair)


I have a PDQ powertrike, with the standard battery pack (replaced a few years ago but not charged recently). It has the attachment to connect to a folding wheelchair with crossbraces.

The lights come on, but nobody's home, so I suspect the motherboard is kaput and suggest it is good for parts. This is just a guess. It was fine until it stopped working, no other faults.

It was invaluable to turn my manual wheelchair into a 11mph trike (think Easy Rider!) for everything from going to Tesco, to going to Glastonbury.

Might also be useful for parts for someone working on an electric bicycle project? The wheel, brakes etc are fine.

Image here for people who dont know what I mean: http://liveimageserver.dlf.org.uk/mee//products/full/0036873.jpg

Free in the next week, or we will send it to the tip, as we need the space.

Collect from E11, or arrange postage. TNT has a free trial delivery offer which could probably be used.

I hope it can help someone! Ill be advertising it widely, and please feel free to spread the word. It would be a shame to bin it.

If interested email flash@gorge.org with subject POWERTRIKE. Thanks!
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