Flash Bristow (techiebabe) wrote,
Flash Bristow

Accessible hotel room costs

In May 18 Im going to see NIN at the NEC. I need a wheelchair accessible hotel nearby with ideally a 12pm checkout. Dont want breakfast.

Hilton Birmingham Metropole was recommended and appears to fit the bill, however their accessible rooms are far pricier than the single room I'd buy if I wasn't mobility impaired. They offer single rooms for £59 that night, and it will probably just squeeze my wheelchair in if they remove an armchair but they admit will be a tight squeeze as my chair doesnt fold, and the bathroom is not accessible to me. (I guess they probably have an accessible loo in the lobby or elsewhere that I could use, but that is no fun in the middle of the night especially as I have IBS and sometimes need to go urgently, and I would also like to shower if necessary).

Their only accessible rooms are Queen Deluxe, £93 for the same night. I dont need a double or even queen bed. I do need more room to move around the bedroom without injury but this is an access need not a choice. Are they unreasonable not to offer me an accessible room at their single room price? Since I would take the single room if I could, and anything else is a reasonable adjustment?

Im used to theatres giving me the lowest price as I would be able to use a cheaper seat if not disabled, and Im sure Ive stayed in hotels which did the same, but it has been a while since Ive used one. Or am I being all entitled cripple and I should fork out more than one week's DLA just for a night's stay at the nearest hotel to my venue? The discount offer expires tomorrow so I'd welcome comments very quickly.

Also posted to facebook and my own LJ for opinions.
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